Our Development Process

The most effectively integrated end-to-end development method.

IT offers several projects consisting of websites and web applications for well-known brands, medium-sized companies, and startup. There is a large amount that we offer through our agile approach that is integrated and adaptable. We always aim to provide the most distinct web & mobile development solutions to the clients. The following are the steps we took in the process of developing any project.


Understanding the client’s needs
Understanding the needs of the client

It is commonly believed that the development process for websites begins with designing and developing. But the truth is that these steps are quite later. The first and most crucial first step is to understand the requirements of the client.

  • Listen & understand
  • Ideas foundation
  • Research and planning
  • Cost analysis of projects
  • Selecting the most effective wireframe and prototypes
  • Resource plan submission
  • Selecting the most suitable platform and tools
  • Understanding time
Deep Research and Analysis

Each application is unique from one another. Our team analyzes and gathers the most crucial details about the project at present. Web-based applications for e-commerce to sell products are different from market for services online. Therefore, we must know the requirements thoroughly and then move on into the next stage.

Deep Research and Analysis

In this phase we will decide on the complete design process that aids in understanding the steps of execution by using a consistent method. At this point we make a decision and formulate the most important things like wire-framing for UI/UX, the right technology stack and platforms to be followed.

  • Utilization of the most current UX/UI design methods
  • The behavior of viewers is a common theme
  • The best design, color and the font
  • UX metrics and evaluation
  • Implementing the plan
  • Coding and time management
  • Full process of development of stacks
  • Development status report

The development phase comprises the stage where the approved by the customer design is converted into a model that can be used. The process of developing is divided into two phases, namely. frontend and backend. Developers recreate server applications, databases , and integrate business logic.

Quality Testing and assurance
Quality Testing and Assurance

This is the most important process we go through and we focus on rewriting any code to increase product security. Each component of the project is carefully test, and after a series of tests, we have confirmed that the code is of high quality and has been declared.

  • Eliminate bugs (if there are any)
  • Real-time testing of the user
  • Multiple testing methods
  • Final touches and adjustments
  • Standard for project authenticity
  • Proper project deployment
  • Make sure that the integrity of your company is maintained
  • Support and maintenance
Post Deployment and Maintenance

We perform a range of tasks after implementation, for instance, this includes giving documents and source code to our customers and processing their feedback and providing post-placement assistance. We ensure quality assurance through an appropriate review of project.

Post Deployment and Maintenance

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