SMM and SMO, these two terms are more confusing and many people does not know the difference between these two terms. So let’s check out the difference between SMO and SMM.  

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing
SMO stands for Social Media Optimization  

SMM: Promoting a channel via social media channels.
SMO: We develop profiles on social media networks about our business or website.  

SMM: It is all about promoting our business via social media channels and also conversations with client on the same social media network. Paid social search or advertising is also included in SMM. It is used for increasing brand visibility and improves communication with users.  

There are two types of SMM:
Active SMM
Passive SMM  

Active SMM: In this, we add the direct link of the webpage on social networks.
Passive SMM: In this, we promote content via updating images, status on social networks.  

SMO: It is not just about FB, Twitter and other social networks. Social Media Optimization help to increase business’ presence and online reputation via blogs, forums other than FB, Twitter, and other social networks. It helps to increase sales and generate leads for your business. SMO is similar to SEO and the goal is the drive traffic on your website via social media platforms.

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