SEO stands for search engine optimization which helps you to increase the visibility of your business online. This is the process of getting traffic from organic searches free on search engines. In this post, we will see some techniques which can give us better results in SERPs.  

9 Little known factors that could affect your SEO:
Page Speed: Websites with slow speed take a long time to rank in search engines.  

Https: The official quote from the official Google webmaster central blog is “Security is a top priority for Google. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use industry-leading security, like strong HTTPS encryption by default.”  

Canonical Tag: This tag tells search engine bots that two URLs with the same content are equivalent to each other. In simple words two pages having the same content, that are in fact one.  

Keywords in URL: Including keywords in URLs after “.com/” boost ranking for your webpage unexpectedly.  

Mobile-Friendly: It is necessary for a great user experience that your web portal should be mobile friendly.  

Title Tag: If you write a title tag starts with keyword perform better than title tags include keywords at the end of the tag.  

Content Update: Update the content of your web pages once in every 12 months because google algorithms prefer freshly updated content.  

Sitemap: The easiest way to tell search engines what pages included in your website.  

Google Search Console Integration: Verify your website with the google webmaster tools, with the help of this tool you can optimize your site better than any other tool and this tool also helps to index your website.

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