Search Engine Optimization help to increase your website’s ranking in Search Engines, so you can get more traffic and can increase the revenue of your business. It is a fact that we cannot manually check the status of our work, we are doing for SEO. There are various tools are available on the internet with the help of those tools we can check the status of our work and traffic; we are getting with the help of SEO.  

Check out these 15 Free SEO Tools:  
1. Google Analytics

The tool which is must for every single website for better result. There is no other free tool that provides data like google analytics tools. With the help of this tool, you can better understand your visitors and their interaction with your site.  

2, Google Webmaster
This tool helps you to visualize the appearance of your website in search engines. You can analyze the data like top search pages, queries, devices and other more over the last 90 days. You can also find out the crawling errors and HTML improvements with the help of this tool.  

3. Bing Webmaster
Bing is also a major search engine after Google. With the help of this tool, you can find out how your website is working on the Bing search engine. It also includes all the benefits provided by the google webmaster tools.  

It is a position tracking tool and can track your website position up to 10 keywords and also allow you to compare those keywords against your competitors.  

If you need keyword ideas for your website, this tool will be very useful for you. This tool also suggests a long tail keyword which is not shown by the google keyword planner because of low search volume.  

6. GTMetrix
A tool that helps you to find out the load speed of WebPages and also provide improvement suggestions.  

7. Moz Open Site Explorer
This tool is a backlinks analysis tool, with the help of this tool you can compare the domain authority of your competitors and number of external links of your site too.  

8. Check My Links
This is a chrome extension; with the help of this, you can check any web page for broken links with simply click of a button.  

9. Citation Lab’s Broken Link Finder
This tool helps you to find the broken links for your website but you can also check the number of people click on the particular broken link with the help of this tool.  

Don’t want more spammy URLs for your website, simply disavow it by this tool.  

11. Guest Post Tracker
This amazing tool helps you to find out the websites that accept guest posts.  

12. Link bird 
A tool that provides many facilities like rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research and most of the above it provides email alerts when it finds a new backlink for your site.  

13. Mail Shake
This tool provides mail templates that can be used by you for outreach.  

14, Rmoov
A link removal tool but you can also find out site owner’s contact info with the help of this tool and also provide auto-generated link removal templates.  

15. Open SEO Stats
The best chrome extension with the help of this you can see Alexa ranking, page speed, whois, indexed pages, and many more other things.

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