Search Engine Optimization is a very vast and interesting topic which helps to businesses to get more traffic in search engine result pages. In this blog post we will only focus on those techniques which will help us to drive more traffic to our web portal.


The following SEO tricks will help you to get rank higher in SERPs:

  1. Use keywords in the most important parts of a page such as Page Title, Meta Description, URLs and so on.
  2. Create custom and sharable images and use alt tags to optimize images.
  3. Automate your social media platform’s posts for example schedule posts on FB (facebook).
  4. Use hyphens (-) instead of underscore (_) in URLs, keep it simple and do not use session id or special characters (“&”,”?”).
  5. Research targeted audience and keywords and then optimize content accordingly. Write the unique and quality content and keep it up to date. Write for human first and then search engines.
  6. Use unique and informative videos to promote your business, according to some researches video results are get 60 times better organic result than plain and static text results.
  7. Integrate voice search function in your website. The fact is most people use voice search than typing because it is more convenient for the users. Almost all the mobile devices support voice searches as we all know Microsoft, Google, Apple already launched their advanced voice responsive assistants for mobile devices.
  8. Remove everything or optimize that slows down your website.
  9. Use unique and relevant meta description for every single web pages.
  10. Use analytics tools to check performance of your site and the outside sites linking to your website.

Try these 10 seo tricks and you will definitely get best result in search engine result page.

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